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Water filtration Systems

Three stage systems and Reverse Osmosis systems are used for preparation of drinking cold water.

Field of use of water filtration systems


  Filtration systems such as three stage AQUABRIGHT ABF-TRIA system, Reverse Osmosis AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO system, or a system of 3 Big Blue 20 inch filters AQUABRIGHT ABF-320BB are used for total water purification for household needs or to get quality drinking water at your house, flat, or your office.


Advantages of AQUABRIGHT water filtration systems


  The outstanding feature of complex water filtration systems is the opportunity of individual selection of a filtration elements (cartridges) kit.  It is extremely important to arrange a primary water analysis before choosing a cartridge kit. Such analysis can  give you an opportunity to figure out a level of water impurity – how many contaminants does it contain. According to the results of such analysis you can chose a correct cartridge set for your filtration system. Terra Water Group LLC produces filtration elements for contaminants of any kind.

  AQUABRIGHT ABF-TRIA and AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO operate with Slim Line standard cartridges, but AQUABRIGHT ABF-320BB must be equipped with Big Blue standard 20 inch cartridges. There are already 3 kits of cartridges for AQUABRIGHT ABF-320BB system in our store – standard, softening and anti-iron set.

  Among all of the advantages of water filtration systems by the brand name AQUABRIGHT we want to mention two unique features: monolith cap collector and transparent bulbs (AQUABRIGHT ABF TRIA and AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO). The monolith cap prevents any water spillages between system elements. Transparent bulbs give an opportunity to check contamination level of installed cartridges with no additional manipulations and change them on time.


How to buy AQUABRIGHT water filtration systems?


  Water filtration systems and cartridges for them by the brand name AQUABRIGHT can be got from one of our dealers or on the official website of TERRA WATER FROUP LLC – . All the information about our dealer you can find on our Dealers page.


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