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Slim Line Standard Filters

AQUABRIGHT In-Line Slim Line standard filters are geared for mechanical purification of cold and hot water for household needs.

Field of use of Slim Line standard filters


  AQUABRIGHT In-Line Slim Line standard filters are destined for mechanical purification of cold and hot water from mechanical impurities and hazardous substances in your apartment or in the office.

  Slim Line is a compact format so it can be easily installed in your bathroom or under the kitchen sink. Such filters are being used mostly for pretreatment of water at the entrance of public water main to protect plumbing and bathroom accessories. It is recommended to use three stage systems like ABF-TRIA or Reverse Osmosis systems ABF-OSMO to get perfect drinking water after pretreatment of water with AQUABRIGHT ABF-10.


Varieties of Slim Line standard filters


  In-line filters of AQUABRIGHT model line work perfectly with any Slim Line standard cartridge, but we recommend you to use only cartridges manufactured by AQUABRIGHT to get the best quality of purified water.  In AQUABRIGHT Slim Line standard model line you can find filters for cold water such as AQUABRIGHT ABF-10 with 1/2 inch, 3/4 and 1 inch connection types. There are also filters for hot water – ABF-HOT that are made from reinforced polypropylene and ABF-SS that is made from stainless steel.


The quality of filter can be characterized by following parameters:


  The final quality of treated water. It depends on cartridges installed in the filter. It is also important to organize raw water primary analysis – it can help you to choose the most effective kit of cartridges.

  Reliability of filters body and its contraction elements. There is to characteristics of reliability – the way how filter holds a hydrodynamic ram and Its (filter’s) durability.

  AQUABRIGHT ABF-10 filter can withstand a hydrodynamic ram with a power of more than 50 bar, that is proved by The “SANTECHNIKA” research institution of Moscow city. Also the filter proved that it can hold up to 250 000 cycles of pressure increasing from 0 to 10 bar. Factors above are main warranty of long and correct work.


Buy AQUABRIGHT Slim Line type filters for water


  You can always buy AQUABRIGHT In-line Slim Line type filters and cartridges for water purification from our dealers or on the official website of TERRA WATER FROUP LLC – . All the information about our dealer you can find on our Dealers page.


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