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Polyphosphate dosage units

AQUABRIGHT polyphosphate dosage units are used to protect your household appliances from scale accumulation.

Field of use


  Filters-polyphosphate dosage units are very important things in any household. They are installed in public water main right between connections with household appliances such as washing machines щк heating units and etc. Such water can be only used as technical and it is forbidden to drink it or to cook food with it.

  But if you don’t use an AQUABRIGHT polyphosphate dosage unit such as ABF-STIRAL or ABF-KFS – your household appliances will soon become useless. AQUABRIGHT polyphosphate dosage units prevent scale accumulation on heating elements of your household appliances and also they decrease a dosage of laundry detergent for your washing machine.


Different types of dosage units


  Filters-polyphosphate dosage units AQUABRIGHT ABF-STIRAL have operational life up to 30000 Liters and have an option - easy change of polyphosphate. Such systems by the brand name AQUABRIGHT can be installed into public water main by a 3/4 inch connection type.

  AQUABRIGHT ABF-KFS series filter has an opportunity to be installed into a public water main by 1/2 inch an 3/4 inch connection types. There is already preinstalled AQUABRIGHT KFS series cartridge in AQUABRIGHT ABF-KFS filter which contains polyphosphate. The size of cartridge is Slim Line. Such cartridge can treat up to 6000 liters of water and can be easily removed.

  AQUABRIGHT ABF-KFS filter as all other AQUABRIGHT-ABF series filters has outstanding characteristics of solidity and safety.  Such filter can easily withstand a hydrodynamic ram over 50 bar, what is proved by the “SANTECHNIKA” research institution of Moscow city, Russia. The filter is resistant to long time pressure increases from 0 to 10 bar it can hold more than 250 000 cycles of such pressure increases in a public water main.


How to buy Polyphosphate dosage units?


  Water filtration systems and cartridges for them by the brand name AQUABRIGHT can be got from one of our dealers or on the official website of TERRA WATER FROUP LLC – . All the information about our dealer you can find on our Dealers page.


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