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Big Blue Standard Filters

AQUABRIGHT Big Blue standard In-line filters are made for purification of water used for household needs.

Field of use


  AQUABRIGHT Big Blue standard In-line filters are being used for purification of cold tap water. Such filters perfectly retain various impurities from water depending on a cartridge installed in it. It is recommended to use such filters for water pretreatment.

  The connection type of Big Blue standard filter to public water main is 1 inch.

  Big Blue standard filters are being used where a throughput of Slim Line standard filter is not enough. So it is useful to install them into a pipeline of  a boiler room of your office or a country house.

  Big Blue standard filters are essential parts of water treatment systems where large volumes of clean water are demanded, but you can use filters of such standard at your own apartment if your plumbing connection conditions are suitable and you have enough space.


Varieties of filters


  Terra Water Group LLC manufactures Big Blue standard In-Line water filters for cartridges of 10 inch and 20 inch size by the brand name AQUABRIGHT. Besides that, we have a full range of cartridges for 10 inch and 20 inch size Big Blue filters.

  Performance level of AQUABRIGHT ABF-10BB-L is about 30 liters per minute and performance level of 20 inch model AQUABRIGHT ABF-20BB-L is 60 liters per minute.

  Besides that, filters of Big Blues standard have rather large operational resource, and so you need to change the cartridge less often than if you use a Slim Line model. So the life span of 10 inch cartridges is up to 20 000 liters of water, and for 20 inch model the life span is 40 000 liters of water, depending on the primary quality of water.


Buy AQUABRIGHT Big Blue standard filters


  You can always buy AQUABRIGHT In-line Slim Line type filters and cartridges for water purification from our dealers or on the official website of TERRA WATER FROUP LLC – . All the information about our dealer you can find on our Dealers page.


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