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Filters and cartridges for water
purifying – AQUABRIGHT

Manufactured by the real professionals of their craft – more than 15 years working in a field of water treatment.



Our filters holds more than 50 bars of max breaking pressure and more than 250 000 pressure increasing cycles.



We use only pure non-recycled materials that have been food-grade approved.

Easy to get

Easy to get

AQUABRIGHT trademark is presented all over Russia and in many other countries.

The price

The price

Despite their unique features and level of quality, our filters and cartridges will not hit your wallet.


Our company

Terra Water Group LLC is a manufacturer of water purifying filters and cartridges by the brand name AQUABRIGHT. For more than 15 years we are one of the leading companies in the field of water treatment.

We are true adepts of our craft and definitely know how to supply you with products of outstanding quality with attractive prices.

For many long years Terra Water Group LLC gained respect of customers, partners and rivals.

The company provides intensive work in a field of water supply and heating, but our main reasons to be proud for are water purification units by the trade mark AQUABRIGHT.

Our team

Our team is a crew of true professionals, who are relevant to their craft with love and responsibility. Our engineers researched filters of outstanding quality for you and they have a number of unique features and characteristics – no one in the world could repeat their success.

Our managers and logistics specialists will help you to get the best product on market quickly and easy, no matter where ever you will be located.

Our service department will give you a detail tutorial about installation and operation of AQUABRIGHT filters and cartridges. You can get them by phone or by email.


AQUABRIGHT company products has оptimal balance
between price and quality!

Always available!


AQUABRIGHT water treatment systems and filters are reliable equipment at competitive prices

Russia, Moscow area, Podolsk, Vishnevaya Street, 11B

from 8.30 to 17.30 Monday to Friday

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