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AQUABRIGHT Slim Line and Big Blue standard filters.

How to choose a correct cartridge set?


  A cartridge installed in a filtration system for water purification – is the very element that responsible for quality of filtered water. Before making a decision – what set of cartridges should be installed in the filtration system of your flat, office or a country house you should arrange primary analysis of water in your plumbing. The primary analysis of plumbing water lets you to choose cartridges for installation in your water filtration system properly.


Cartridges for In-line filters


  Terra Water Group LLC produces Slim Line and Big Blue cartridges of 10 and 20 inch height by its own brand AQUABRIGHT. AQUABRIGHT cartridges model line is represented by models for various solutions – they can treat any kind of contaminants and impurities. Also you can get an optimal set of AQUABRIGHT cartridges for your three stage system.

  • AQUABRIGHT PS and PP series cartridges are used for pretreatment of plumbing water and to get rid it from mechanical impurities such as sand, dirt and rust. They are made from meltblown and yarn polypropylene.
  • AQUABRIGHT PSW and PPW series cartridges have similar functions with AQUABRIGHT PS and PP cartridges, but they can be used for purifying hot water.
  • AQUABRIGHT UGP, UGA and UGP-COCONUT series are made from a mix of activated carbons (there is coconut shell coil in AQUABRIGHT UGP-COCONUT). Such cartridges effectively remove organic compounds and chlorine from plumbing water.
  • AQUABRIGHT S series cartridges are made from ion-exchange resin. They are used to remove rigid salts and organic compounds from water – make it soft. Also they improve organoleptic characteristics of water – taste smell and color, and prevent scale on heating elements of household appliances.
  • AQUABRIGHT FERRUM and FP series cartridges are used to remove dissolved iron from plumbing water.


Buy filter cartridges


    Water filtration systems and cartridges for them by the brand name AQUABRIGHT can be got from one of our dealers or on the official website of TERRA WATER FROUP LLC – . All the information about our dealer you can find on our Dealers page.



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