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AQUATHERM EXPO MOSCOW 2020 took place in Crocus Expo Hall in Moscow from 11th to 14th of February 2020. Terra Water Group LLC presented with honor their trade mark AQUABRIGHT among the other range of their products during the exhibition. Not only well known and reputable AQUABRIGHT ABF-10 model was presented, but some brand new staff like 3-stage systems AQUABRIGHT ABF-TRIA, Reverse-Osmosis systems AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO and Big-Blue standard in-line filters AQUABRIGHT ABF-BB.

It is not the first year when Terra Water Group LLC successfully represents water filters and cartridges by the brand name AQUABRIGHT on different expos. Below you can see a short video review of AQUABRIGHT brand new stuff on AQUATHERM EXPO MOSCOW.


AQUABRIGHT water treatment systems and filters are reliable equipment at competitive prices

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