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In the hot time of summer vacations most people prefer to spend free time not only on a seacoast, but in their own villages and country houses. Moreover, the pandemic situation nowadays leaves much to be desired.

Many villages, cottages and country houses, especially in a far distance from big cities, have a bore hole as a main source of water or even a lake or a reaver located nearby. But most people habituate themselves to a level of comfort of a big city and want to have an effective and reliable unit that can give them pure drinking water for household needs. The most popular type of such units is a Reverse Osmosis system.


Different sources of water for household needs of a country house.

In this article we will research the following:

- what is a normal pressure level in a water main for an RO system

- what types of pumps can you use with RO systems

- what consequences can be faced when pressure level in a water main is too low or too high

Optimal working pressure for Reverse Osmosis systems

Reverse Osmosis system without additional pump, such as AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO must be installed in a water main with nominal working pressure from 2 to 6 bar. This factor as far as the water quality has an impact not only on a level of productivity of RO system but also on a lifespan of replaceable parts of the system – RO membrane and cartridges, installed in pretreatment stages.

If a pressure level in a water main is too low the Reverse Osmosis system will functionate ineffective (it won’t purify the declared volume of water in a unit of time) or even won’t work at all.

Also, the RO membrane is designed in a way when a flow of water washes off all the contaminants, accumulated on outer canvas of the membrane, into a waste pipe. The weak flow as a consequence of low pressure in a water main is unable to wash the membrane in a right way, so the lifespan of the membrane becomes shorter and you have to replace it sooner than usual.

High pressure in a water main can cause very effective washing flow in the membrane which leads to overspending of water. Also, the consequences can be worse – the system can suffer a malfunction or even become a reason of a waterflood on your kitchen.

That’s why the installation of pressure limiter from 2 to 6 bar into a pipeline system is necessary if you use a Reverse Osmosis system.


Typical pressure limiter.

How to get optimal pressure level in a domestic water main for effective work of your Reverse Osmosis system?

There are a lot of different ways of getting optimal pressure level in a water main for correct and effective work of the RO system.

You can get a Reverse Osmosis system with preinstalled pressure increasing pump, or a separate unit with similar function, but you’ll have to call electricians – you’ll need an AC outlet under your kitchen sink. By the way, many such systems have high noise level and high level of electrical energy consumption.

The best way to solve a problem of low pressure level in a water main of a country house is to install a more powerful pump directly at the main source of water. “Terra Water Group” LLC is glad to represent you a big range of pumping equipment by our own brand – JEMIX. You can examine all the range of JEMIX products on the official webpage -

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