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Residents of most developed  modern multi-storey cities are accustomed to the fact that municipal hot and cold water in the kitchen and bathroom of each apartment is avalieble 24 hours a day, except for seasonal preventive periods, and the water is supplied with good pressure. In such conditions, you can dial a bathroom in a couple of minutes, or instantly fill a cooking pot.

However, in village areas or in areas with low buildings, the situation with the level of water pressure in the water supply system is often completely different. This also applies to a number of southern regions of Russia and many foreign countries, especially in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The performance of any reverse osmosis system connected to a low-pressure water main will either be insufficient for comfortable use, or the system will refuse to work at all and you will have to forget about clean drinking water from the tap on the kitchen sink.


In order for a reverse osmosis system, such as AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO-5 or AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO-6, to work successfully and show the performance level declared by the manufacturer of the reverse osmosis system (equipped with a VONTRON ULP2012-100 membrane, the AQUABRIGHT reverse osmosis system is able to purify up to 377 liters of water per day), the pressure in the water main must be in the range of three to six bar.

The fact is that the reverse osmosis membrane, which is the main filtering element of any reverse osmosis water purification system, has an extremely dense structure and the water pressure at the outlet of the reverse osmosis membrane will be significantly lower than the initial pressure in the water supply. The pretreatment stages of the reverse osmosis system also affect the pressure, but their effect is not so significant.


The AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 pressure boosting pump for reverse osmosis systems stabilizes water pressure and increases the performance of the reverse osmosis system. For the operation of the AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 boosting pump, a pressure of 0.5 bar is sufficient. AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 has a built-in relay that automatically turns on the pressure boosting device if the pressure at the pump inlet drops below 1.5 bar and turns it off if the pressure in the system reaches 3.5 bar.

The maximum allowable pressure for the correct operation of the PBP-OSMO-100 pump is 8 bar, however, it must be remembered that the installation of a pressure limiter in the water main for 6 bar is mandatory and prescribed in the instructions for AQUABRIGHT ABF–OSMO reverse osmosis systems.


PBP-OSMO-100 connection scheme

The case of AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 pressure boosting pump has three connectors. Yellow is the inlet for tap water, blue is the outlet from which water goes to the inlet of the first pretritment stage of the reverse osmosis system, and yellow is the inlet connection between pressure boosting pumpand the reverse osmosis system's adapter located between the storage tank of the system and the outlet of the membrane block. This allows the sensor not  to track the pressure in the water supply itself, but the actual operating pressure at the outlet of the reverse osmosis system, as a result, the boost pump for the AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 reverse osmosis system works as efficiently as possible and turns on only when there is a real need for it, without wasting electricity.

The AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 pressure boosting device itself consists of a bracket with holes for mounting to the wall, a pump that increases pressure, connections to the water supply and to a 220V power source.

The pressure boosting device PBP-OSMO-100 has a low noise level, low power consumption (40 W), high performance indicators (the average value is 56 liters / hour, which is more than enough for the efficient operation of the reverse osmotic system) and compact dimensions (195x190x120mm).

The full list of technical characteristics of the AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 pressure boosting device is given in the table below.

Max. pressure 8 bar
Working pressure 4 bar
Inlet pressure (not lower than) 0,5 bar
Pressure to switch on (by relay) 1,5 bar
Pressure to switch off (by relay) 3,5 bar
Performance 56 L/hr
Consumed power 40 W
Converter to direct current –24V
Voltage/Frequency ~220V/50Hrz
Dimentions 195х190х120


The boost pump for reverse osmosis systems AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 is an excellent addition to any household reverse osmosis system. This pressure boosting device is simply necessary if your reverse osmosis system does not work efficiently and the storage tank for clean water is filled too long, or the reverse osmosis system does not work at all due to the fact that the membrane simply does not let water through itself.

Even if you purchased a reverse osmosis system without a pressure boosting device and realized the need for a booster pump after connecting the reverse osmosis system to the water supply, you can purchase the AQUABRIGHT PBP-OSMO-100 pressure boosting device separately and connect it to the water supply and reverse osmosis system yourself.

You can purchase a pressure boosting device for reverse osmosis systems PBP-OSMO-100, as well as the reverse osmotic systems AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO-5 and AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO-6, reverse osmosis membranes and replaceable elements for reverse osmosis systems from one of the dealers of TERRA WATER GROUP LLC or by familiarizing yourself with information in the "WHERE TO BUY?" section on the official website of the AQUABRIGHT trademark – or on the website of TERRA WATER GROUP LLC -


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