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How to get water pure in your own flat?

Nowadays it is not a secret that quality of water even in modern apartments leaves much to be desired. Untreated cold and hot water can cause a serious injure to our health and health of our domestic pets and damage our household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, sanitary fitments or humidifiers.

Municipal water contains residual quantities of chemicals, which have been added at water treatment facilities to disinfect water. Also, it contains hardness salts and rust.

A useful scheme for water treatment in your apartment is:

AQUABRIGHT ABF-10 and ABF-HOT In-line water filters on the entrance of your cold and hot municipal water supply.

Filters with softening cartridge or special ABF-STIRAL filter with polyphosphate before the connection point with your washing machine or other appliances.

It is also useful and important to install reverse osmosis system like AQUABRIGHT ABF-OSMO in your kitchen to get water that is safe to drink.


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